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Make no mistake - orange wines are nothing new, but a return to tradition. They will win you over with their beautiful rich color and unique taste, which you would hardly find in other wines.

Orange wines - a gem to find your way to

These wines excel in a number of specifics - from color to the generally not so well-known method of preparation. But most of all, they are characterized by such an exceptional taste that they will undoubtedly surprise you. Definitely worth giving them a chance!

Taste delicious orange wines from our menu. Contact us and we will organize a tasting for you.

What is orange wine

  • It is made by ancient cachet technology or similar methods.

  • It is characterized by a deep yellow color, which can turn red to copper.

  • Smells like dried fruits, flowers, oranges and nuts.

  • The taste is robust, herbal and spicy, partly salty with umami tones, ie with the taste of glutamate.

  • Don't expect the sparkling, fresh taste you're used to, but slightly earthy.

Orange wine and production technology

So-called. The Kachetin method consists in long-term contact of the must with the skins, during which the leaching of flavors and aromas, but also of dyes and tannins takes place. The wine ferments for up to 6 months in special clay containers sunk into the ground.

Orange wine - price

The price range is no different from white or red wines. It is true that you can get a very good orange wine for a price below € 10, but the ones with a price of around € 40 to € 130 are no exception.

Orange wine at the ViniGrandi e-shop

See the individual categories and don't want to be enchanted by the wide selection. We select the best wines for you, especially from Italian and French winemakers, but also Slovenian and Austrian ones.

When to buy orange wine

Thanks to its uniqueness, it can become a great gift. It will please everyone who likes to experiment and is not afraid to discover new tastes. It perfectly complements dishes from red meat, fatter fish and Indian curry.

We will help you choose a wine. Just contact us.

Orange wine - sale online and in a stone shop

Buy selected wines online from the comfort of your home or visit us in person at Špitálské nám. 509/3, Tábor.

We try to handle all orders immediately. We will deliver the goods within 5-7 days, completely free of charge, if your purchase exceeds CZK 1,250.

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