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We bring you the hidden jewels of small local producers. Choose from over 300 representatives of red wine and shop at unbeatable prices.

Red wines - a refined selection of the most popular types

We carefully select wines in order to offer you a wide range at reasonable prices. Discover the best, mostly Italian wines and you will fall in love with them as much as we do.

In addition to wines from traditional European wine regions, try those from Chile, California and Australia. It will surprise you!

Quality red wine from organic production

When compiling an offer, we place great emphasis on quality. We focus on organic production to guarantee a high standard.

Popular red wines - traditional and lesser-known types

In addition to the basic grape varieties, we bring you the opportunity to taste the non-traditional ones as well - don't be afraid to taste them, they will definitely not disappoint you!

Clear and always up-to-date catalog of good red wines

Search criteria help you navigate your menu quickly. Use simple filters and set crucial parameters for you!

Light red wines perfectly complement fish dishes and fruit

These wines with a lower alcohol and tannin content are made from less sugar grapes. In our portfolio you will find wines from 11.5%, which you can use especially when serving salads and grilled meat.

Sweet red wines

The sweet taste of red wines is not entirely typical, but there are several such types. Contact us and we will help you find the right one.

The best-selling red wines and news from the category

Get seduced by bestsellers or fresh news in the category! We will always notify you of them, as well as of ongoing discount events.

Shop even cheaper and get free shipping!

You can count on us to find the best red wine

The perception of its taste is very individual. However, when compiling the portfolio, we rely on rich experience and objective, quality-indicating aspects.

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