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Treat yourself to quiet moments of contemplation. Dessert wine , also known as meditation wine, is made for them.

Dessert wines from selected European wineries

Enjoy moments of relaxation with them! Try some of the three dozen representatives of their soft taste and distinctive aroma.

What is a dessert wine

As such, it is not fixed. We refer to sweet complex wines with long maturation and higher amounts of alcohol, but also liqueur wines such as port, sherry or marsala.

You can enjoy sweet dessert wine in sips

These wines are characterized by very intense flavors and aromas. For their full perception, feel free to sip them and do not hurry.

The ideal combination of sweet dessert wine with desserts

In addition to biscuits and pastries, they can be recommended for aperitifs and blue-veined cheeses. However, these wines do not necessarily have to be paired with dishes.

Dessert wine - types

The largest representation of white grape varieties such as Moscato, Zibibbo and Grillo. But you will also find rosé and red wines (typically Port).

Taste real Spanish jerez, excellent port or Italian passito from the production of smaller wineries! You can buy them from us at unbeatable prices.

Dessert white wine

Replace the dessert itself with these wines. For example, choose between the award-winning Italian Moscato or the German Riesling.

Dessert yellow wine with honey and fruit tones

Be enchanted by golden yellow to amber wines with tones of dried fruit and honey. Their velvety taste caresses like no other.

Yellow dessert wine Zibibbo

Enjoy this straw-colored wine like Italians who like to dip harder canucci almond biscuits into it.

Dessert rose wine

The right choice for lovers of fresh fruit flavors. Depending on the variety of wine, you will feel tones of strawberries or grapefruit.

Spanish dessert wine

Sherry, called "jerez" in Spain, is typical of western Andalusia. Palomino or Moscatel varieties are most often used for its preparation.

French dessert wines

Be enchanted by those with the scent of candied fruit and spices such as cloves or cinnamon.

Unusual dry dessert wines

Although meditative wines are characterized by a higher sugar content, there are a number of exceptions. You will also find them in our selection.

Contact us and we will prepare a tasting of not only dessert wines.

Dessert wines - price

The price of the really luxurious ones can approach the amount of CZK 2,500. But you can buy great wines from 130 CZK.

Buy for over 1250 CZK and get free shipping.

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