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Sparkling wine came about by accident when the monk Dom Pérignon fermented the classic during transport from France to England. Without the bubbles that seemed undesirable at first, today none of us can imagine any celebration or special event.

Sparkling wines: characteristics

What is typical for these wines, how and with what to serve them?

  • Expect a light fruity taste. It, like the smell, can resemble citrus fruits, apples and pears.

  • Always serve chilled to 7-12 ° C.

  • Suitable for many dishes, practically the entire menu from aperitifs to desserts.

  • It goes well with seafood, ripe cheeses or fruit cakes and tea cakes.

Sparkling wines: division

We can sort these wines according to several criteria. It is widely used according to the unfermented sugar content in grams per liter:

  • Brut nature - naturally hard, less than 3 g

  • Extra brut - extra hard, 0 to 8 g

  • Gross - hard, less than 15 g

  • Extra sec / Extra dry - extra dry, 12 - 20 g

  • Sec - dry, 17-35 g

  • Demi-sec - semi-dry, 33 - 50 g

  • Doux - sweet, more than 50 g

Sparkling wines and vines

We bring you a wide range of almost 30 types of sparkling wines, which we have included in the selection on the basis of very strict quality criteria. For all of them we can recommend the Glera variety grown mainly for the production of Italian sparkling wine prosecco. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon are also awarded.

Use simple filters for faster orientation in a category. Don't be afraid to try even the marked news!

Sparkling wines and brands worth noting

Taste the wines of smaller, especially Italian and French wineries. Although they are usually not world-famous brands, their products certainly do not lag behind in quality. In many cases, these are organic production and wines with a protected designation of origin.

Discover hidden treasures from European vineyards at unbeatable prices.

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