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Are you looking for wines with a minimum of preservatives, without chemicals and pesticides? The highest quality and natural taste close to nature itself? Organic wines should not escape your attention.

Organic wine for the demanding

The increasing call for "clean" products, controlled origin of raw materials and organic production is significantly reflected in a number of areas, including viticulture.

About 10 years ago, new quality standards were adopted and comprehensive legislation was amended at EU level. These rules lay down criteria for obtaining the designation "bio", such as the requirement to grow vines and produce wine without the use of herbicides, pesticides and GMOs, or to significantly reduce the use of sulphites as preservatives.

Do you have questions about natural or any other wines? Feel free to contact our customer line.

Organic wines at Vini Grandi

We also care about environmentally friendly production and a high standard of quality. In order to offer you the best, we carefully choose the wineries we work with. So what organic wines can you find with us?

  • Our portfolio consists of more than 100 unique representatives of these wines, mainly of drier taste.

  • Lovers of white, red, rosé wines, as well as sparkling and dessert wines will find something to their liking.

  • We focus mainly on smaller winemakers from Italy and France. But we have also discovered great organic wines for you in Spain, Germany, Austria and Slovenia.

Are you attracted to tasting these products? We can organize a tasting for you! Contact us and we will discuss the details.

How much do you pay for organic wine?

As with wines that do not boast this attribute, the price depends on a number of factors. In our e-shop and in the stone shop you can get very good organic wines from as little as € 8. Their price can approach the amount of 150 €, but in this case we are already talking about a super luxury class. However, we also regularly prepare discount events for this category.

Want to save more? Buy for more than 1250 CZK and we will deliver the goods to you completely free of charge.

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