Sparkling wine

Champagne Brut Classic - Deutz

Winery: Deutz
Grape varieties: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier Falstaff 93 points
1,164.63 Kč

0.75Liter (1 552,84Kč/liter)

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Rose wine

Champagne Rosé Brut - Deutz

Winery: Deutz
Grape varieties: 75% Pinot noir, 25% Chardonnay James Suckling 91 points, Robert Parker 90 points
1,449.32 Kč

0.75Liter (1 932,43Kč/liter)

In stock
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This legendary type of wine is loved by people all over the world for its rich taste and sparkling, but also for its exclusivity. A bottle of more expensive champagne is undoubtedly an expression of prestige and uniqueness.

Champagne: characteristics

Its production is determined by very strict rules, which do not only apply to the region of origin. Even so, the methods of individual producers differ in detail.

  • It is made by secondary fermentation of wine in a bottle.

  • Only Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are allowed.

You can also find great champagne in the portfolio of smaller winemakers. Discover them in our selection.

Champagne: types

It is usually categorized according to the residual sugar content. You will find champagne very hard, dry, semi-dry, but also very sweet with more than 50 g of sugar per liter

  • Brut nature

  • Extra gross

  • Gross

  • Extra sec / Extra dry

  • Sec
  • Demi-sec

  • Doux

How to serve champagne

You will enjoy it the most, if it is properly cooled, optimally at 8-12 ° C. It is best served in tulip-shaped glasses, where they can fully develop and release the aroma.

Real champagne: price

Champagne is literally famous for its high price, which can climb up to tens of thousands of crowns. But you can get the cheapest one from about 500 CZK.

Our offer is proof that you don't have to spend a fortune on excellent champagne. See for yourself!

How to choose quality champagne

Don't just choose by glossy label or price, and get advice from knowledgeable retailers with extensive experience.

We will find champagne for you for every occasion, taste and wallet. Contact us!

Interesting facts from the world of luxury champagne

Who are its leading producers and how much will their sparkling wine cost? Here are the answers!

What is the most expensive champagne?

The record since 2013 is held by Gout de Diamants, Taste of Diamonds. It sold for an incredible $ 2.07 million.

Renowned producers of the best champagne

The most famous names include Dom Pérignon, Louis Roederer, Bollinger, but also Moet & Chandon.

  1. Champagne brut
  2. French champagne
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